Pasture Raised Chicken now available!

Hello all,

We now have whole, frozen fresh pasture raised chicken available.

These birds are beautiful this year, what a hearty bunch!

We currently have about 100 available and this will be our only batch this year. So don’t delay! These birds are shrink wrapped (think butterball turkey) and will last a very long time in your freezer. They average 4.5 to 5.5 pounds.

2016 Prices

1-4 birds, $4.50/lb

5 or more: $4.25/lb

10 or more: $3.95/lb

If you would like to know more about us, how we raise our chickens or would like to reserve some birds for your freezer click here.

If you have questions or would like to speak with us directly you may email us as well:

Our very best to you!







Chicks Dig Pasture

Haha! I know I do.

Today we put our 4 week old baby laying hens in their outside tractor. We’re trying something new this time by putting these little foragers to work creating compost while keeping our grain costs down.


We were inspired by Geoff Lawton’s video, “Chicken Run on Steroids“.  If you haven’t seen it already, watch it…. perhaps it will inspire you to do something similar? We have 16 laying hens so we will do a pared down version of Lawton’s method during our warm summer and into fall. We plan to start collecting leftover vegetable matter from a local boarding school and will keep adding 5 gallon buckets of kitchen scraps over the week.

Then, in a week or two (these little ladies are still pretty small) we’ll move the pen, keeping the already scratched pile within their electrified area so they can keep working it while creating a new pile on top of the poop-rich area under the roosting bars. Each week (or so) the pen and net will move creating several already turned piles. We may use this to enhance the soil in place (looking to reclaim this area as garden) or use it as compost in our existing beds.

I’m so impressed with these birds, they really are magic, somehow they are born knowing how to forage and scratch. We provide them with fresh food they LOVE as well as fresh pasture and they work for us breaking down, pooping and aerated the compost. Win win!


They’ll be making a dustbath of that dirt patch on the right in no time. We’ll hook up a small nipple waterer and a hanging food bucket tomorrow.


They look a little awestruck now but tomorrow they will have combed through the whole area.






Baby Chicks are here!

We’ve received freshly hatched baby chicks.

11 little layers: Buff Orpingtons and Silver Laced Wyandottes.

I hope the oxytocin transfers from this computer to you.

Yours, Deb


This Week In Pictures

We’ve been busy around here!  Dave spent most of the week getting ready to host Team Chicken. On Sunday, the team processed 225 birds in about 6 hours. Each time we do it, it gets a little better and a little faster. For those of you who were present please let us know if you have ideas for improvements!

The garden continues to grow with almost no involvement from me, (broken ankle, that’s another story) but I sure am enjoying the pea pods, beans, tomatoes and zucchini that are ready now.

Have a great week everyone!


All steps in processing day are important but we all certainly appreciate having Heather keep her eye on the finished product. She’s the best bagger and ‘pretty maker’ we know! Those tubs are heavy!


A final inspection happens before the birds go in the cooler to dry before bagging. An important step to be sure they are ready for you!


The e-station has the best facial expressions, such looks of concentration! This table now has overhead water and room for 6 people. We’ve come a long way baby. Fresh air and sunshine, the only way!


This little lady was spotting in the garden, she’s ensuring we have enough zucchini to feed all the neighbors. I know they’ll be psyched! 😉


Despite having a cast on my left leg I managed to week most of the garden today and picked the first tomatoes. Summer is officially here.


Red onion flower.


The view from the mailbox.


Everybody loves pea pods! Honestly, I think I mostly like to hear them CRUNCH when they chew. So funny.

RAF logo layers copy

Our new logo. Do you likey?