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We have been raising chickens on pasture for nearly a decade in Canaan, New Hampshire.  We were looking for healthier and more humanely raised chicken to feed our children, but soon found ourselves raising birds for our friends and neighbors as well.  They could taste the difference and you will too!

Our birds are raised on pasture, in open bottomed shelters, moved to fresh grass every day.  They get fresh air and exercise while foraging.  Our birds are not pumped full of antibiotics like commercial chickens nor are they forced to live in their own excrement.

As we like to say, “Not raised on poo… Better for you… And tasty too!”

Because we only raise chickens in the summer, when the birds can be out on grass and healthy, we are limited in our production and recommend you reserve your orders early.  Reservations are $5 per bird.  We will deduct your reservation fees from your total order at pickup.

Be sure to include in the “notes for seller” section of paypal, your name (if it isn’t obvious in your email), how many of each size bird you would prefer.  (i.e. five 3-4 lb birds, three 5-6 lb birds, two 6+ lb birds etc…) and what time/date you would like to pick up your order.

While we cannot guarantee exact weights on the processed birds, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes when you pick up your order.   Our birds average around 5 pounds but some are less than 3 and others over 7.  Regardless of size, birds come processed and bagged, ready for your oven or freezer.

Barter, cash, check, paypal and credit cards accepted the day of pickup.

Reservations are $5 per bird, use the paypal button below and be sure to add details to the ‘note to seller’.

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2016 prices

10+ chickens 3.95/lb

5-9 chickens 4.25/lb

1-4 chickens 4.50/lb.

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