Shibori on the Clothesline

Today I was motivated to do some shibori dying. I just adore seeing a full clothesline too.


I’m just so in love with this process, it involves folding/wrapping/clamping/tying as a way of creating a resist, then when dipped in indigo dye the results are magic. There really is no wrong way to do this. Opening each piece is so exciting!

I dyed 12 cloth napkins and 12 dishtowels along with two linen dresses that have been hanging around unworn, because who wears white? I know I don’t.

shibori dresses


The dish towels are made of thin flour sack cotton fabric, perfect for around the kitchen but I have plans to sew them together into a beach cover up.  (I’ll post pics of that later)

FullSizeRender 13

Each one of these pieces is unique and could never be ‘exactly’ repeatable, that’s exactly what I love about shibori…it’s wabi-sabi. The perfect in the imperfect.

I’ll be hosting a dying workshop at the farm on July 2nd at 10am-2pm if you would like to learn how to dye in this traditional Japanese way. We will focus on flat cloth (napkins/towels etc) in this workshop as dying clothing be somewhat complex.

Let me know if you’re interested!




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