I’m Dying Over Here!


I’m literally, dying.

I get a little obsessed with things.

Every year when we go to Maine for our family vacation, we all do a craft project together, it sort of happens organically the desire to have a momento of time well spent, drinks well drunk, cards well played and waves well surfed.  The last few years it’s been tie-dyes. We dye nightgowns then play cards all night like grown up giggling twins, the kids dye t-shirts…heck we all dye t-shirts…when there’s dye left over we dye our underwear and socks…it’s goofy and superfun. Then, just to prove we’re related we take a group shot, sealing up the memory like a time capsule. A glorious little funny to be opened with a smile later.


This year, I’m going prepared. And by prepared, I mean pinning dying ideas to my pinterest board like a maniac! (See my pin board here) While gathering all the pins, I was reminded of the magic of shibori. It’s like tie-dye plus geometry and maybe a little math thrown in. I like the planning and forethought that’s needed. I like the varying techniques and endless results.

Shibori is a japanese dying technique, here is a link if you’d like to know more: Shibori Wiki

The techniques I tried are Arashi Shibori (pole wrapping) and Itajime Shibori (shape resist).


From left to right: blue nightgown (itajime polkadots, blue stick wedgie (not sure of the technique but it’s folded accordion style then lashed between two sticks with string and rubber bands, hooded linen shirt (Arashi), white long sleeve linen shirt (Itajime squares), orange tank top (itajime star).

Once the items are in the dye bath it’s like waiting for your parents to eat a leisurely and torturous breakfast while waiting to open your Christmas presents……time slows down. One hour feels like days when all you can think about WHAT WILL IT LOOK LIKE inside those crazy strings and rubber bands!!! Thus, I’m dying. I think I might have died with all the waiting.

IMG_4159                             IMG_4160

For my first attempt at this I think it worked pretty darn well! I especially love the vertically striped  shirt. One sleeve is darker than the other because the pole was too tall to fit in the dye bucket so i kept pouring dye over  the top. I think the action of the dye running down the tube infiltrate the strings. What a happy accident!

IMG_4169          IMG_4164          IMG_4166

I’m so obsessed that I might spend all day tomorrow dying handerchiefs and kitchen towels and pillow cases and yoga pants and bedspreads and dresses and underwear and….socks….and…


Have you tried shibori?

Who wants to come over and dye with me?




Clockwise from top left: Blue double stick wedgie beach cover up, square itajime, blue polka dot nightgown, orange star tank top, Arashi linen shirt.

This Week In Pictures

We’ve been busy around here!  Dave spent most of the week getting ready to host Team Chicken. On Sunday, the team processed 225 birds in about 6 hours. Each time we do it, it gets a little better and a little faster. For those of you who were present please let us know if you have ideas for improvements!

The garden continues to grow with almost no involvement from me, (broken ankle, that’s another story) but I sure am enjoying the pea pods, beans, tomatoes and zucchini that are ready now.

Have a great week everyone!


All steps in processing day are important but we all certainly appreciate having Heather keep her eye on the finished product. She’s the best bagger and ‘pretty maker’ we know! Those tubs are heavy!


A final inspection happens before the birds go in the cooler to dry before bagging. An important step to be sure they are ready for you!


The e-station has the best facial expressions, such looks of concentration! This table now has overhead water and room for 6 people. We’ve come a long way baby. Fresh air and sunshine, the only way!


This little lady was spotting in the garden, she’s ensuring we have enough zucchini to feed all the neighbors. I know they’ll be psyched! 😉


Despite having a cast on my left leg I managed to week most of the garden today and picked the first tomatoes. Summer is officially here.


Red onion flower.


The view from the mailbox.


Everybody loves pea pods! Honestly, I think I mostly like to hear them CRUNCH when they chew. So funny.

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Our new logo. Do you likey?